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Upcoming events

  • RVCE x IITB x YCF - Bangalore- 8th June 2024 (Online)
  • RVCE x IITB x YCF - Bangalore- 22nd June 2024 (Offline)

Past events

  1. CyCog CTF - MRU - 22nd April 2024
  2. Nexus CTF - 20th April 2024
  3. ACEHACK 3.0 - UEM Jaipur, Rajasthan - April 6th 2024
  4. CyberKnight - Galgotias University - April 2nd 2024
  5. KnightCTF 2024 - 20th January (Community Partner)
  6. December 18, 2023 - CyberMania 2.0 CTF (Partnered with Loyola Academy Degree and PG College, Hyderabad)
  7. December 9, 2023 - YCTF Weekly 2
  8. November 25, 2023 - YCTF Weekly 1
  9. October 2, 2023 - YCTF Mini

About Us

Indian Security Research & CTF Team:

The Indian Security Research & CTF Team is a gathering of cybersecurity enthusiasts across India, working together to enhance our collective understanding of cybersecurity. Committed to fostering knowledge, conducting ethical hacking, and advancing cyber defense, the team actively engages in Capture The Flag competitions, vulnerability assessments, and proactive security research. Our mission is to elevate cybersecurity expertise and promote ethical hacking practices in India and beyond.

Join us in the journey of exploring, learning, and making the digital world a safer place for everyone.

Contact: [email protected]

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